Jack Harlow And Lil Dicky Can’t Keep It Together In Outtakes From Their Encounter On ‘Dave’

Jack Harlow and Lil Dicky may have been at odds in last week’s episode of Dave but behind the camera, the two look-alike rappers had much more in common than just their similar features, sharing a slew of laughs in a series of outtakes Harlow shared on Twitter today. While their onscreen confrontation was all about Dicky’s discomfort at meeting his doppelganger — who displayed a healthy amount of contempt for his counterpart — in real life, it’s clear the two jokesters enjoyed each other’s company and riffing on Harlow’s scent-related insults.

Their reactions to the scene show there are no hard feelings between them after fans went out of their way to compare and contrast them on Twitter — likely because they are both, well, white rappers with lightspeed flows and similarly curly-topped coiffes. (For what it’s worth, they’re also both pretty decent basketball players, slotting pretty cleanly into the “fundamentally sound white hooper with a nice jumper” archetype — especially after Jack’s training for the White Men Can’t Jump remake.) They’ve both responded in their own ways to the memes — which Jack seemed to reference with his “hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters” boast on “They Don’t Love It” from Jackman — but from these easygoing outtakes, it’s clear that we’ve actually got the beginnings of a beautiful friendship on our hands (and maybe even a collab! Pretty please, guys!).