Jack Harlow And Lil Dicky Have Beef (‘A Whole Slab’) In A Hilarious New ‘Dave’ Teaser

As the ongoing third season of Dave rolls on, Dave Burd/Lil Dicky is recruiting more and more celebrity firepower to guest-star in episodes. Rick Ross and Killer Mike popped up in last week’s show, for example. Now, Dicky is teasing what promises to be a fantastic Jack Harlow appearance.

A teaser video shared today (April 19) shows an encounter between Harlow and Dicky (who have been compared before) at what looks like the Met Gala. Harlow sniffs Dicky and tells him, “You stink a little bit: I like that.” Dicky retorts, “I see that you put on platform shoes to appear 6-foot-5.” Harlow replies while holding his crotch, “You want beef? ‘Cause I got a whole slab.”

Elsewhere, Rachel McAdams, Travis Barker, and Don Cheadle also make brief appearances in the clip.

A new episode is set to premiere tonight, so it appears we’ll get a look at Harlow (and McAdams, Barker, and Cheadle) on Dave soon.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Dicky explained why he wouldn’t have wanted to be in Harlow’s White Men Can’t Jump remake, saying, “For me to be in a basketball movie, I would have to really dedicate my life to the game. If I’m going to be in a full-length motion picture about basketball, I would just care so much about just the footage of me, and that would require dedicating my life to the game. And I don’t think I can do that right now.”

Check out the teaser clip above.

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