Jack Harlow’s Appreciative ‘They Don’t Love It’ Video Gives Fans A Tour Of Louisville

Kentucky native Jack Harlow shows off his Louisville stomping grounds in the appreciative video for “They Don’t Love It” from his new album, Jackman. As Jack raps about balancing his ambitions and staying down-to-earth, he revisits some of the personal landmarks from his life, some of which are included in the song.

From his old high school to a local bookshop, everywhere Jack goes in the documentary-style video, he’s greeted with the enthusiasm and warmth fitting of a hometown hero’s triumphant return. Meanwhile, Jack and his friends engage in some typical Midwestern mischief, setting off fireworks in a field and playing indoor soccer — which he seems to be pretty good at, scoring a goal as he mugs the camera.

Jackman dropped on Friday after a short wind-up that included the announcement and the release all in the same week. While fans had a few days to appreciate and debate the album’s cover, Jack kept the 10-track project under wraps until its release, which surprised fans with its return to Jack’s more introspective sensibilities after the more party-centric Come Home The Kids Miss You. It remains to be seen whether he’ll announce a tour for the album, but we’ll be seeing more of him this month when White Men Can’t Jump comes to Hulu.

Watch Jack Harlow’s ‘They Don’t Love It’ video above.

Jackman is out now via Generation Now/Atlantic. Get it here.