Are Macklemore And Kesha Working On Music Together?

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We have no idea what new Kesha music could sound like and her label has done everything in its power to keep it that way. But still, it’s fun to speculate and this photo of Kesha and Macklemore together allows for a million different possibilities.

Since both artists have shown a more subtle side — Kesha with her conversation-starting Bob Dylan cover and Macklemore with the…less well-receivedWhite Privilege II,” they could be working together at Mack’s next bit of performative wokeness. That could be great or it could be awful depending on what lessons Ben Haggerty took from the last time around. After all, “Wednesday Morning” was pretty good.

Alternatively, they could be working on some big dumb and fun like the tracks they’re both known for. As much hate as he earned for songs like “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us,” the truth is that Ryan Lewis’ production imbued those songs with a sense of joy that only the most contrarian among us can deny. And Kesha’s history as a fount of unashamed, party-starting tracks doesn’t need to be reiterated. In the absence of all of her supposedly more-serious work that’s being held in limbo, it’s all we have to go on for what a Kesha song sounds like.

Of course, they could just be hanging out. Famous folks do that from time to time. But that’s nowhere near as fun to think about.