Kid Cudi Is Considering Going Into Stand-Up Comedy: ‘I Got Jokes’

Kid Cudi is a jack of all trades — aside from music, he’s working on a memoir, taking skating lessons from Tony Hawk, and acting in movies. Now, he’s considering adding another artistic medium to his roster: Stand-up comedy.

Yesterday, a fan tweeted at the rapper, saying he should do a stand-up set. He quote-tweeted it, writing, “You know, I was thinking of doing a stand-up set one night only for the fans. I feel like I can do it! What do you think?? I got jokes!! All I gotta do is talk about my life, haha.”

In September, Cudi explained he was stepping back from music to focus on other things. “I think I’m going to take a step back from the Kid Cudi stuff and focus a lot more on developing my own things,” he said. “Writing — whether it’s movies or TV shows — producing things, putting stuff together. Just really getting my production company [Mad Solar] up to a place where, in the next three or four years, we’re a household name. I really have goals. We’re off to a great start with the documentary X, Pearl, and now, Entergalactic. I mean, we have four bangers so far, so I just want to see what else we can do and keep going.”