Watch Lady Gaga’s Incredible Tribute To David Bowie From The 2016 Grammys

Lady Gaga really bought into her David Bowie tribute at the 2016 Grammys. Gaga hyped up the performance with an ad that promised “everything will change” and producers warded off the hordes of artists who wanted to join her. This was going to be largely a Gaga solo production (barring Nile Rodgers and a house band), which is a heavy burden to bear when you’re paying homage to one of the most influential and universally loved musicians to ever walk the planet.

It’s a testament to Gaga’s elite showmanship that she managed to pull it off. Gaga’s performance was an apt tribute from perhaps his most direct descendant.

Gaga performed a massive medley of David Bowie’s biggest hits that included a spider being projected onto her face during “Space Oddity”, dancing with the world’s fiercest prisoners during “Fashion” and “Fame” and ending on a huge rendition of “Heroes.” The whole thing was made possible by freaky-deaky Intel projection technology that was briefly showcased in a commercial following the performance.

I’m sure she’s thanking God – or Ziggy, same thing – that she managed to slay the performance. That massive Aladdin Sane tattoo she got on her side would have been incredibly awkward otherwise.

Oh, and the fans most definitely noticed Gaga’s amazing performance.