Megan Thee Stallion Dismisses Those Who Doubted She’s An ‘Arena Artist’ In A Post Celebrating Her Tour Success

Megan Thee Stallion is currently about midway through her Hot Girl Summer Tour that launched last month, and she appears to be feeling pretty good. She was in a celebratory mood on Instagram last night (June 13), when she shared a collection of recent stray thoughts.

Perhaps the most notable one is this: “Ima pop my sh*t for a second lol but people questioned if I was an arena artist anddd I mean [shrugging emoji] teehee.”

Notably, in May, Charlamagne Tha God claimed that Megan is “not an arena artist,” but he quickly retracted his assertion, later saying, “Clearly, we got our answers. She sold out 13 arena stops in over 240,000 tickets across North America and Europe. Yeah, so if you’re selling out arenas, you’re an arena artist.”

Elsewhere, Meg showed love for tour opener GloRilla (calling her “my sister 4L”) and made note that her beloved dog Foe Thee Frenchie is now a father. If you want to see the puppies, Meg just shared a video of them on Foe’s Instagram account:

Check out Meg’s full post below.

“Hotties as we get ready for my FIRST ALBUM UNDER HOTGIRL PRODUCTIONS dropping 6.28 I wanna tell yall some of my favorite things that have been happening on tour SO FAR [heart hands emoji]
1. I appreciate and love how hard my dancers (thee hot girls) go every show! I know our bodies are aching but they never complain and still pop out and have a blast lol ! Love yall
2. I love the bond that me and @glorillapimp have built in these past few weeks ! You are my sister 4L , you and cola never getting rid of me [teary-eyed emoji]
3. @frenchie4oe HAD KIDS YALL ! My son is a DADDY [crying emoji]
4. Hotties , yall keep me so motivated and happy you just don’t even know! I look out in the crowd and see yalls signs and I burst out laughing [crying laughing emoji] keep the signs coming [crying laughing emoji]
5. THEE FLOWERS [teary-eyed emoji] I LOVE THE FLOWERS! Thee hotties make me feel like I have the biggest family in the world and I’m grateful [blue heart emoji]
6. Ima pop my sh*t for a second lol but people questioned if I was an arena artist anddd I mean [shrugging emoji] teehee
7. I have more people to thank and more moments to make but I LOVE EVERYONE who has been making this tour amazing so far ! Thank you.”