Michelle’s ‘Pose’ Video Uses The New York Subway As A Backdrop

Those who are intimately familiar with the New York subway system will find Michelle’s “Pose” video highly relatable. Hey, if stars like John Mulaney and LCD Soundsystem can venerate the storied public transportation system on SNL, why wouldn’t the six-piece turn to it as a backdrop themselves? The video, which is for a song taken from upcoming project, After Dinner We Talk Dreams, was choreographed by band member Emma Lee. The album will be released on March 4, just in time for the band’s upcoming tour dates opening for Mitski, as well as several headlining shows in North America and Europe.

Back in September, the group announced their album with the lead single, “Syncopate,” and followed that track up with “Mess U Made,” before releasing “Expiration Date” at the top of the year. The band features the rare of four female vocalists, Sofia D’Angelo, Layla Ku, Emma Lee and Jamee Lockard, who sing in layered harmonies, while members Julian Kaufman Charlie Kilgore are mostly focused on production. Although a press release notes that “predominantly POC and queer collective mix and match the writing and production groups amongst the six of them.” Check out the “Pose” video up top and look for Michelle’s new album coming in just a few days.