Mike Dean Referred To Kid Cudi As ‘Mid Cudi’ In A Now-Deleted Tweet

Much to the of many attendees, Mike Dean announced last month that he was removed from Kid Cudi’s Moon Man’s Landing festival taking place this month. While he did not say who directly was responsible, he alluded to it being “Just some baby kid baby sh*t.” Well, it appears that he is now ready to reveal the source of his removal, none other than Scott Mescudi himself. Additionally, he had some other choice words for the “Man On The Moon” artist.

In a now-deleted tweet, the powerhouse producer referred to the festival host as “Mid Cudi.” Fans quickly caught wind of the tweet, posting screenshots and inquiring further about what was going on. Dean went on to say “D*ckhead canceled me just from jealousy. Just because I was on tour with weeknd.”

It didn’t stop there, as one user took up his sword for Kid Cudi and stated “Cudi is selling out arenas I’m sure he’s not upset that you’re an opener” with a laughing emoji and a direct tag of Mike Dean’s Twitter account. Dean fired back with two separate replies. The first was explanatory and a bit somber: “Very upset that I didn’t help put his show together and play keys. So upset he canceled me. End of story. Sad. We were friends. I thought.”

The second response to the same user was a bit spicier, saying “Also there’s more people in a half full stadium when I play than when mid plays the small arenas.”

Kid Cudi has not replied directly to Mike Dean, and seems to be trying to take the higher road as he tweeted “The devil tryn yall but not today or ever again!!” This all comes after the Cleveland artist announced a few months ago that he and Kanye West, a close collaborator of Mike Dean’s, are no longer friends.

Check out Mike Dean’s now-deleted tweet and his tense exchange with the aforementioned Twitter user above.