Nicki Minaj Reveals What Clothing Items Men Should Wear To Increase Their Sex Appeal

For generations, men have wondered what they can do to be more attractive to women (with the exception of those who aren’t interested). Men have turned to pick-up artist guides, love doctors, and YouTube advisors, but it turns out that all it takes is a few simple clothing items. At least, according to Nicki Minaj, who shared some of her thoughts on menswear on Twitter. If they want to be more attractive, she says, “Men should wear gray sweatpants. Everyday. Well if they want some ass that day. With crispy sneakers.”

Of course, there’s a downside, as well. The rapper warned, “If I see one scuff ima put my pussy back in the drawer.” She also mentions light blue jeans, although it’s unclear which category those fall into: “Getting ass” or “back in the drawer.” To be on the safe side, maybe y’all should just stick with the gray sweats and clean sneaks — a truly classic combination — and while you’re at it, a little personal hygiene never hurt anyone’s chances.

When she’s not giving sage sartorial advice, Nicki has apparently been working on a new album, which a festival suggested will be out by summer. Generating hype for the album, she’s released a slew of new singles including “We Go Up” featuring Fivio Foreign and “Bussin” and “Do We Have A Problem?” featuring Lil Baby.