NLE Choppa Responds To A Ridiculous Rumor That He Was Hospitalized After Drinking Breast Milk

As much as the internet and social media have been boons to the music industry — especially those artists in hip-hop, who can use these digital tools to build fanbases without the resources afforded to major artists — it can also be a detriment. This is mainly in the form of unsubstantiated and often ridiculous rumors that can spread online like wildfire in the time it takes the artist to leave their studio sessions.

NLE Choppa has found that out a few times, most recently this week, when a headline claiming he’d been hospitalized surfaced and circulated until he was able to call it out. While rappers getting hospitalized is unfortunately not all that unusual, in this case, the reason for his supposed medical emergency was so outrageous he couldn’t help but posit that “If you believe this, you just slow.” According to the headline, was actually from a satire page on Instagram, he’d been laid low after guzzling human breast milk, of all things.

It’s easy to see how his predilection toward homeopathic and alternative remedies might make him a ripe target for parody. In the past, he’s embraced vaccine conspiracy theories, offered chlorophyll as an alternative to lean, opposed McDonald’s’ collaboration with Travis Scott to promote vegan diets, and threatened to quit rap to become a full-time herbalist. Of course, there’s a limit to satire — and despite the page’s rather large disclaimer, there will always be those who are either incredibly credulous or who only hear the information second or third-hand. Remember, folks, always check the original source.