Polo G’s Past Lives Meet In The Reflective ‘Angels In The Sky’ Video

To be so young, Chicago rapper Polo G has been through a lot in his life. In the video for his new song “Angels In The Sky,” Polo appears to have been committed to a psychiatric hospital, where he watches his past videos on a TV that’s probably older than he is. Each version of him from those videos is pulled out of their reality and time and brought to a holding cell, where they confront each other at a table, until the contemporary Polo enters to reconcile these past lives.

Polo is currently in the midst of his revamped rollout for Hood Poet, which will be his fourth album since 2019 and his breakout with “Pop Out.” Initially announced in August 2023, Polo delayed the album after being arrested on charges of kidnapping, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. He relaunched his campaign in February with the video for “Sorrys & Ferraris,” but was again derailed in April after being arrested for possession of a firearm in New York.

As of this writing, Hood Poet still has an August release date; with the “Angels In The Sky” video, it seems like the rollout is still on schedule.

Watch Polo G’s video for “Angels In The Sky” above.