Pusha T Explains Why He Shared That Bizarre Picture Of Lana Del Rey

Back in January, rapper Pusha T shared a picture of Lana Del Rey, with her face obscured by what appeared to be cocaine. Fans in the Instagram comments assumed he was beginning to tease new music. Weeks later, he would release “Diet Coke” ahead of his upcoming fourth album, reportedly titled It’s Not Dry Yet.

While fans were elated to get some new music from King Push, many were still perplexed at the bizarre photo.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Push clarified that he posted the picture as he believes he and Del Rey talk about similar subjects in her music.

“You can hear remnants of drug indulgence and addiction [in Del Rey’s music],” Push said. “So it’s like, ‘Man, why not?’ I thought it made sense.”

Push continued, saying a collaboration with the “Yayo” singer isn’t completely out of the question.

“One of the heads of Interscope called right after the picture came out and asked me to get on a remix,” he said. “I forgot which song, but I’m still waiting for them to send it over.”

Half of Push’s upcoming album is produced by Pharrell Williams, who decided to contribute to the album after hearing “Hear Me Clearly” from Nigo’s upcoming mixtape, I Know Nigo. “Fun Fact: @pharrell heard this song and told me ‘it’s cool, but I don’t want you to be a mixtape rapper for the rest of your life,'” said Push in an Instagram post. “I was devastated. He then flew me to Miami and proceeded to produce the first half of the best album of the year.”