Pusha T Says Pharrell’s Devastating Comment About His New Song Led To Him Producing Half Of His Next Album

It appears that Pusha T is dangerously close to releasing his fourth solo album, which is reportedly titled It’s Not Dry Yet. So far we’ve received one single: the Kanye West- and 88 Keys-produced “Diet Coke.” Pusha also dropped a video for the track and it features an appearance from Kanye, who dances beside him throughout the visual. More recently, Pusha teamed up with DJ and fashion designer Nigo for their new song “Hear Me Clearly.” After the song was officially released, Pusha shared a devastating comment that he received from Pharrell.

“Fun Fact: @pharrell heard this song and told me ‘it’s cool, but I don’t want you to be a mixtape rapper for the rest of your life,'” Pusha wrote in an Instagram post. “I was devastated. He then flew me to Miami and proceeded to produce the first half of the best album of the year.” He concluded, “Moral of the story…always ‘push’ your friends to be greater, even when they’re the greatest.”

Pusha previously confirmed that Pharrell and Chad Hugo, who make up the famed duo The Neptunes, and Kanye West will produce his next album. The Neptunes will produce the first half while Kanye will take on the second. West previously produced Pusha’s first solo album My Name Is My Name, while The Neptunes produced albums by Clipse, the former hip-hop duo of which Pusha was a part alongside his brother No Malice. Pusha also revealed that the album will contain a feature from Jay-Z.