Quavo’s Forthcoming ‘Rocket Power’ Album Is A ‘Therapy’ Session Fueled By The ‘Strength’ Takeoff Passed Onto Him

Quavo has made it abundantly clear that Migos will not be reuniting musically. However, that isn’t stopping the rapper from moving forward with solo music. The “Honey Bun” rapper’s forthcoming sophomore album, Rocket Power, has a special guardian angel. Fueled by the strength his late nephew, Takeoff instilled in him, Quavo is ready to jump back into music full-time.

Speaking on the upcoming release, the musician took to Instagram to write, “This album is for the Rocket, our true fans, and also this is my therapy. This album is a true reflection of how I feel right now.”

He added, “Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m down, sometimes I’m disappointed, sometimes I fall apart, but then I always find my strength again. I know everything might not be alright right now, but the Rocket showed me a way to make it right! Rocket Power keeps me going. Rocket Power gives me fuel. ‘Rocket Power’ will help us all overcome whatever we’re going through.”

This isn’t the first the entertainer took to the booth to record new music in Takeoff’s name. At the top of the year, Quavo dropped “Without You,” which he went on to perform the track at the 2023 Grammys.