People Think Rihanna And ASAP Rocky’s 2013 ‘Fashion Killa’ Video Is Prophetic Now That She’s Pregnant

Huge news broke this morning — Rihanna is expecting her first child with rapper ASAP Rocky. Rumors that the pair were dating began to swirl back in November of 2020, and reactions were all over the place, including thoughts that their kids would be pretty perfect. Now that the couple are official, as in, ASAP called Rihanna the love of his life official, people are pretty floored that all the Twitter speculation about them having a child together has come true. And what happens when two celebrities announce the birth of their child? People start looking backwards to see if there’s been any clues along the way that the love story would work out so well.

And in the case of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky, there’s at least a couple cultural artifacts to consider. The most relevant of which is definitely ASAP’s 2013 “Fashion Killa” video, which Rihanna co-starred in with him. Even back then, a whopping nine years ago now (!), the pair were soooo flirty in the clip that the video sparked dating rumors all the way back then when it came. At the time, both parties insisted they were just friends, but now, clearly, people are revisiting it with brand new eyes. Check out the video above in case you need a refresh or haven’t seen it yet, and some of Twitter’s best reactions below.