Mean Tweets About One Of Saweetie’s Performances Inspired Her To Attend Artist Boot Camp

It’s been over a year since Saweetie first began teasing her debut studio album Pretty B*tch Music, and it still has yet to be released. The rapper previously promised it would drop in June, only to push back the date in order to continue reworking her songs. The singer recently revealed she had attended an artist development boot camp to hone some of her skills, and now the rapper admits that seeing fan backlash about one of her performances partially inspired her to attend the workshop.

Saweetie recently sat down with Vulture for an interview about Pretty B*tch Music‘s delay. The rapper told Vulture that she had seen some mean tweet about her “imperfect spring performance” at Triller Fight Club, “where the visuals didn’t connect and her movements seemed forced.”

The rapper explained that her appearance makes people think she’s a good dancer, but she’s really more suited to other sports. “I think that’s why people get so let down, because they’re expecting me to be this sensual person onstage, but if I can, I’d rather play a sport in front of you,” she said.

Even before reading online criticisms about her stage presence, Saweetie knew there was a lot she wanted to work on. When she first started rapping at 24, Saweetie says there was a “huge learning curve” for her. Saweetie told Vulture that instead of being able to hone her sound after her “Icy Girl” hit, Saweetie was playing festival and pressured to release more music:

“I’m an artistic girl. And I think that in the beginning, that artisticness was suffocated. It was wilted like a flower. In quarantine, I’ve been moisturized. I’ve been watered. I’ve been getting my sleep; I’ve been able to rejuvenate. I know what type of artist I want to be now. […] I don’t like arrogance. One day, I want to say, ‘I’m the best to ever do it.’ I can’t do that without identifying my weakness. I can’t do that without realizing what’s holding me back.”

Read Saweetie’s full Vulture interview here.

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