Sexyy Red Seemingly Distanced Herself From Trump Following Her Controversial Roots Picnic Performance

Sexyy Red has the summer on lock with her hit single, “Get It Sexyy.” As the song has gone viral, Sexyy has become a household name, and as her star rises, she has one mission — to Make America Sexyy Again.

While everyone can get behind the idea of making America “Sexyy,” most fans aren’t exactly thrilled about the delivery. Sexyy’s slogan sounds very much similar to former U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Her performance at Roots Picnic 2024 last week sparked some more controversy, when she performed in front of a giant red hat, which read “Make America Sexyy Again.”

After some buzz online, Sexyy took to Twitter to offer clarification and distance herself from Trump.

“It’s Sexyy Red 4 President,” she said. “I’m my own candidate I’m not endorsing anybody period.”

While fans appreciated the clarification, it’s not hard to understand why some may have been confused.

Last October, Sexyy vocalized her support for Trump on comedian Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast.

“I like Trump,” she said. “Yeah, they support him in the hood. At first I don’t think people was f*cking with him. They thought he was racist, saying little sh*t against women. But once he started getting Black people out of jail and giving people that free money. Aww baby, we love Trump. We need him back in office. We need him back because, baby, them checks. Them stimulus checks. Trump, we miss you.”

Thanfully, it appears Sexyy has changed her mind.