Sexyy Red Laughed Off Joe Budden’s Absurd Conspiracy Theory About Her And Drake’s Friendship

In the latest episode of his inexplicably popular podcast, Joe Budden mused that Drake is being paid to hang out with St Louis rapper Sexyy Red, whose career has been booming since the release of her viral hit single “Pound Town.” “You think [Drake] just likes being around Sexyy Red?” he challenged.

Big Sexyy isn’t sweating Joe’s hater energy though (that man needs to take more naps). After seeing a clip of the episode on Twitter, she only had three words to respond: “They so dumb.”

She wasn’t the only one to point out the absurdity of Joe’s conspiracy theory. YesJulz of all people had a very reasonable take, writing, “Drake has always embraced rising talent organically. He probably does like being around her that much- she seems to be fun and have good energy. This perspective says more about the commentator than the subjects.”

Meanwhile, another fan’s take was a bit more acidic but cut right to the bone of how goofy Budden’s reaches have gotten. “two rappers doing one song together plus a few concerts and a video cameo is now suspicious activity we need to analyze with great scrutiny…everything is so stupid and corny,” he wrote.

And while Drake’s ongoing friendship with Sexyy Red could have any number of motivations, Budden’s beef with Drake is probably a lot easier to figure out.