The Game Couldn’t Sleep After Nipsey Hussle Was Shot To Death At His Own Store

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While hip-hop turned out online in honor of the late Nipsey Hussle, one of his closest and earliest collaborators couldn’t be satisfied with just a Tweet or an Instagram post. Compton rapper The Game found himself roaming the streets of Los Angeles at 4 AM after he couldn’t sleep, live streaming his thoughts on the murder.

Here’s a brief transcript of his overwhelmed, grieving comments:

Over here driving down Slauson, man. Driving down Slauson four in the morning, man. Because I can’t sleep behind what happened to Nipsey. Why n—-s do the homie like that? At his own motherf*cking stop? In his own f*cking hood, man? He was trying to do good for n—-s. This sh*t is crazy — I can’t even f*cking sleep! I’m disgusted by this sh*t. That’s how you do the homie? In his own city, in his own hood, at his own place of business… LA on some bullsh*t!

Game was a beneficiary of Nipsey’s intervention in his rivalry with Meek Mill, when Nip stepped in via Twitter to admonish both men to sit down and talk out their differences:

Nipsey’s thoughts on the situation in full:

“Hip-hop need to stop gassing this “beef” between @thegame and @MeekMill …. n—-s gone sit down like men and express they differences and come to an understanding. Ain’t gone be no east cost west coast war. Ain’t gone be no black men killing black men… If someone’s in tha wrong then it should be handled….and then everyone get bac to the money @thegame @MeekMill.”

Despite the gangster image he sometimes portrayed in his music as a result of his upbringing and membership in a subset of LA’s Crips street gang, Nipsey was staunchly anti-violence, even planning a meeting with the Los Angeles Police Commissioner to discuss strategies to reduce gang violence. In Game’s own words, he was trying to do good, which makes it even more of a tragedy that he was gunned down, just as he was beginning to gain mainstream recognition for his philanthropic works.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.