Tobe Nwigwe’s Reflective ‘Unfollow Me’ Video Has Some Helpful Advice For His Haters

Each Sunday brings a new Tobe Nwigwe video to look forward to, as the Alief, Texas-based rapper continues his independent campaign to offer a counterpoint to the imagery and messages pervading rap’s mainstream. This week, though, he slows it down as he offers some helpful advice to anyone bothered by his choice of content.

If there was a moment that you could point to as the beginning of Tobe’s breakthrough to a broader level of public awareness, it would likely be the release of his 2020 single, “Try Jesus,” in which he tapped into a gospel vibe for a tongue-in-cheek reminder that he won’t be turning the other cheek. He returns to that well on “Unfollow Me,” which utilizes strains of a pulpit-certified organ as Tobe reminds his haters that they don’t have to stay tuned into his every move.

“If you don’t like what I say or do,” he croons, “Please, for your sake and mine — unfollow me.” As the camera pulls back from the standard closeup his Sunday singles often begin with, he advises his critics that they don’t have to like, comment, or follow if they really don’t want to. The mood is very much in line with his two most recent releases, “Passing Through” and “Undressing Criticism,” in both music and message.

Watch the video for “Unfollow Me” above.