A Travis Scott Petition Has Nearly 70,000 Signatures In Favor Of Him Performing At Coachella In 2023

Coachella’s 2022 festival is set to kick off in less than three months, with Kanye West, Billie Eilish, and Harry Styles serving as headliners. It’ll be the festival’s first iteration since 2019, after they were forced to cancel the ones set for 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. When first announced in 2020, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, and Rage Against The Machine were announced as the headliners. It was originally believed that the trio would headline his year’s show, but Frank’s set was postponed until 2023 while Scott and Rage Against The Machine were dropped from the lineup.

Many Travis Scott supporters are upset that he won’t be there, which most likely came as a result of the tragedy at his 2021 Astroworld Festival. So they’ve taken matters into their own hands. A petition calling for the rapper’s appearance at Coachella next year currently has nearly 70,000 signatures, with the goal of obtaining at least 75,000. It also calls for Kanye West to help deliver a Scott performance at Coachella.

“Book Travis for 2023 or have Ye bring him out!” a statement on the petition reads. “After Coachella unfairly removed Travis Scott for Harry Styles, they need to do the right thing and rebook him immediately.” It continues, “Coachella switched Travis and Frank for Harry Styles and Billie Eilish? What kind of message does that send? Fans are demanding refunds and selling their tickets. Coachella needs to fix this asap.” The statement concludes, “We all know Astroworld tragedy wasn’t Travis fault. Let him get back to performing on the biggest stages!”

It should be noted that Coachella did not intentionally switch either Frank Ocean for either Harry Styles or Billie Eilish. Back in August, months before either the two were announced as headliners, Coachella’s co-founder said Frank would miss the 2022 festival because he was unavailable for the rescheduled dates. Frank will instead perform in 2023.

You can view the Travis Scott petition here.