Vince Staples Releases The Bouncy New Single ‘Hell Bound’

Update: It looks like we know just what Vince was up to with (Ad 01): It’s a spoof advertisement for Vince Staples Show Plus, a riff on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and yes, Disney+, featuring interviews, videos, episodes, BTS footage, and additional content from his collaborators. Vince explains in an informational video, which you can watch above. It’s very funny.

Eternally mischievous Long Beach rapper Vince Staples is up to his old tricks again, dropping off the link to a bouncy, new track called “Hell Bound (Ad 01)” on Twitter. Vince released the new single without warning or an accompanying Vince Staples Show episode, which could mean it’s part of another mysterious forthcoming project, especially with the portentous “Ad 01” tag in its title. Check out the new single below.

From the sound of things, Vince has taken the opportunity provided by his new record deal at Motown to tweak his sound into something a little more radio-friendly but no less distinctive. The cover also shows off Vince’s cheeky sense of humor, adding impish horns to his gap-toothed smiley logo, making “Hell Bound” seem less like a fate worse than death than a slyly humorous take on his usual array of antisocial subject matter.

As of this writing, Vince hasn’t provided any additional context or explanation for “Hell Bound,” although it doesn’t appear to be a part of his Vince Staples Show singles, which released in August and October, respectively. The comedic clips follow Vince as he lives out his daily life in Southern California falling into misadventures like getting his haircut at the wrong barbershop and receiving romantic advice from his hero Ray J.

Listen to “Hell Bound” above and stay tuned.

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