Vince Staples Meets His Hero Ray J And Virtual Assistant Raylexa In Episode 2 Of ‘The Vince Staples Show’

Vince Staples has been rolling out his next album with the imaginative Vince Staples Show, a comedic webseries that portrays exaggerated, slice-of-life scenes from Vince’s day-to-day exploits throughout Los Angeles. In episode one, a simple trip to the barbershop turns violent and Vince narrowly escapes the wrong kind of fade. In the Calmatic-directed episode two, released today, he again has to duck an attacker, but this time, it’s someone closer to home: His incensed girlfriend, who comes to his house with a taser looking to extract electric revenge for some wrongdoing.

Fortunately for Vince, he employs a useful buffer in the form of fellow hilarious rap personality Buddy, who bars the door while Vince makes a mad dash through the window — literally through the window glass — to escape. To seek refuge, Vince heads to the home of his documented hero, Ray J, at whose home he meets the virtual assistant “Raylexa,” encounters the “Ray Con” inner-ear headphones, and receives some romantic advice from Ray J, who agrees to put him up for a while, but only if he signs an “ND Ray.” The video concludes with Vince’s second Vince Staples Show single, “Sheet Music,” produced by Prettybird. The song actually previously appeared in episode one, playing on Vince’s headphones at the barbershop. Maybe he should cop some Ray Cons.