Wale’s Tiny Desk Set Presents A Man Filled With Charisma And Humor

Wale’s most recent album, Wow… That’s Crazy presented a new chapter in his life as both a man and an artist. The album presented a man well aware of his flaws and his faults, but without a dent in his self-confidence. Embarking on the new year, Wale now brings that same confidence to cities across the country as his Wow… That’s Crazy Tour officially kicked off last week in Brooklyn, NY.

However, before his sixth album had arrived, there was one thing that had ruffled Wale’s feathers and like most things that do, he took to social media to voice his feelings. “Still never done tiny desk.. and it’s like 20 min away…” Until today, that tweet still rang true.

After quite the wait, Wale took his talents to the NPR’s DC office to rock their Tiny Desk stage. Rather than give viewers a string of songs from Wow… That’s Crazy, Wale took listeners on a trip through his discography. Performing well over a decade of music, Wale’s stay at the Tiny Desk lasted nearly a half-hour as he performed fan favorites like “Lotus Flower Bomb,” “LoveHate Thing,” and “On Chill” and gave a nod to his hometown’s go-go sound with “Sexy Lady” performed alongside his touring band, Tre And The Ppl (formerly UCB). Throughout the set, we see Wale filled with charisma and humor as a man finally happy to get his long-overdue moment in his hometown.

To watch the performance, press play on the video below and check out his latest music video for “Love…(Her Fault)” here.