Why Is Kanye West Upset With Adidas And Gap?

Kanye West is rapidly becoming as well known for this growing list of enemies as he is for his music. What has been even more notable, however, has been just who he’s added to that list, which previously included musical rival Drake and now includes his former protege Kid Cudi and romantic rival Pete Davidson.

However, while he’s got inscrutable though understandable reasons for all of the above, fans can’t help but be confused as Kanye sets his sights on Adidas and Gap — two corporations with which his Yeezy brand is partnered, contributing to his touted billionaire status. For the past few months, the mercurial producer turned designer has been lashing out at his creative partners, from posting a fake headline trolling Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted to accusing Gap of holding meetings about him without him.

So, why is Kanye so upset with Adidas and Gap?

The crux appears to be Kanye’s expectations of his partnerships with these companies and how they have failed to meet them in his eyes. In June, he posted an angry Instagram, calling Adidas’ Adilette 22 slides “fake Yeezys” for being too similar to the Yeezy slides. Then, in early August, he DMed Complex on Instagram, telling the account’s admin that he hadn’t approved Adidas’ Yeezy Day campaign. Meanwhile, fans were dumbfounded when he apparently ordered Gap store employees to yank his Yeezy collection from their shelves and hangers to present them in large, black garbage bags.

Now, he’s expressing plans to open his own independent Yeezy brand stores — something he said they are contractually obligated to do, but refuse to. Basically, he’s unhappy that both companies have made products that are similar in form and function to Yeezy designs while also following traditional business models in lieu of following his more radical intentions.

It remains to be seen if the leadership at either company — Rørsted is stepping down as CEO sometime this year — continues to put up with his agitating for very much longer. One thing is sure: Kanye is an unpredictable business partner who isn’t afraid to publicly air his grievances, whether it’s good business or not.