Adele Is One Win Away From An EGOT But She’s Admittedly ‘Not A Massive Broadway Fan’

Back in September, Adele won some Creative Arts Emmy Awards for her Adele: One Night Only concert special. That put her just a Tony Award away from reaching EGOT status — having won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar (Academy Award), and Tony. As for if Adele will ever get that Tony, it seems unlikely at the moment, as she’s not big into Broadway.

At a recent “I Drink Wine” video premiere event, Adele was asked if she’d consider heading to Broadway to get her Tony. She responded (as Broadway World notes), “I thought that. I can’t lie, guys: I’m not a massive Broadway fan. I know, I know. I’m talking about musicals though because I’ve been seeing a couple of plays but I don’t think I’ve seen enough.” She later added, “I don’t think I’ve seen enough [Broadway] as a grown up to know if I would want to do it. I was wondering, do I just move the show from Vegas to Broadway and win the Tony? I actually prefer the sound of an EGO than an EGOT. EGO is fun. But never say never. If I move to New York, I get bored, I’ll be on that stage in a hot second.”

She did note, though, that there’s one part that intrigues her: Rose from the musical Gypsy. She said, “I saw [Gypsy] in London and I did love the role of the mum in it. She has a song when she was like, ‘I wanted to do all of this’ and she’s jealous of her own daughter and she’s really caught up about it. At one bit, she was just a b*tch in it which I could nail [laughs].”