Alana Haim Celebrates Her 30th Birthday By Discussing ‘Licorice Pizza’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

For the past decade or so, Alana Haim has been doing just fine in the entertainment industry with the band Haim. Music fans know the group has thrived, as they’ve earned Grammy nominations, a couple of top-10 albums, and critical esteem. Now, though, Alana has found herself entering the acting world with Licorice Pizza and she’s nailing that, too, as she just earned her first Golden Globes nomination. She’s got a lot going on right now, so last night, she stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about it.

While Haim had been on the show before, this was Alana’s first time as an interview guest. Since the conversation aired after midnight last night, Haim’s visit to Jimmy Fallon technically fell on her 30th birthday today, December 15, making the occasion extra special. Alana noted that she was “incredibly nervous,” but she didn’t show it as she comfortably told a story about a vehicular malfunction while she drove Licorice Pizza co-star Bradley Cooper around for a scene. Later, Fallon showed off a different scene from the movie, one that features Alana, her sisters/bandmates Danielle and Este, and her parents, Moti and Donna.

Meanwhile, off the air, the Haim sisters and Fallon celebrated Alana’s birthday by filming their take on the “Helikoper Helikopter” meme, featuring pizza and party hats. This comes a few days after Alana and Taylor Swift had themselves a joint birthday party (Swift’s birthday was on December 13).

Watch Alana’s appearance on The Tonight Show above.