Adam Sandler Approves Of Haim’s New ‘The Chanukah Song’ Cover With Updated Jewish References

It was exactly 27 years ago today in 1994 that Adam Sandler first performed his holiday classic, “The Chanukah Song,” on Saturday Night Live. Sandler has offered updated lyrics for the song a handful of times since then, but now Haim have grabbed the torch and revised the track’s lyrics to include more contemporary references.

The trio shared their rendition of the song on social media, adopting a simple setup of just two acoustic guitars and vocals. Este takes on lead vocal duties and works a bunch of modern musicians into the lyrics, like Japanese Breakfast and Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National. She also sings, “Doja Cat’s half Jewish, [Timothée] Chalamet’s half, too. Put’ em both together: What a fine-lookin’ Jew!”

They also teased a tour at the end of a video by remarking how much fun playing the song was before saying in unison, “Should we go on tour?!”

Of course, the sisters’ update wasn’t intended to fix any flaws with Sandler’s original version. Rather, their rendition seems to have come from a place of pure admiration, as they wrote alongside the video, “Sandler we love you.” Sandler himself is into it, as he re-shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “Love you ladies! You are three badass jews! See you on tour!”

Meanwhile, the trio has been celebrating “Haimukkah” this year, during which they’ve hosted giveaways and shared message. So far, they’ve gifted a drum set, tickets to a Licorice Pizza screening, and Este’s signature Fender bass. For their most recent dispatch yesterday, they asked fans to donate to Planned Parenthood.