Ariana Grande’s Upcoming Album ‘Eternal Sunshine’: The Details You Need To Know About The Album

Ariana Grande is releasing her new album, Eternal Sunshine, in just a few weeks — and the fan anticipation has been seriously building.

It is also helpful that Grande gave it a boost by remixing her “Yes, And?” single, with none other than Mariah Carey appearing on the track. A truly iconic collaboration.

While no other singles have been released yet, Grande has provided some more info about what fans can expect on the record.

Here’s what to know.

Is Ariana Grande Releasing A New Album In 2024?

Yes, she is finally making a return to music after being away for a few years.

Will Ariana Grande Release A Single For Her New Album?

Yes! Grande previously dropped her lead “Yes, And?” single, and has since released a remix of it that features Mariah Carey.

When Will Ariana Grande’s New Album Come Out?

Eternal Sunshine is out 3/8 via Republic. Find more information here.

Does Ariana Grande’s New Album Have A Tracklist?

Grande revealed the full tracklist on February 27 and it is listed below.

1. “Intro (End Of The World)”
2. “Bye”
3. “Don’t Wanna Break Up Again”
4. “Saturn Returns (Interlude)”
5. “Eternal Sunshine ”
6. “Supernatural ”
7. “True Story”
8. “The Boy Is Mine”
9. “Yes, And?”
10. “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)”
11. “I Wish I Hated You”
12. “Imperfect For You”
13. “Ordinary Things” Feat. Nonna

Will Ariana Grande’s New Album Have Features?

When Grande shared the tracklist, she revealed that the album will feature Nonna, her grandmother.

What Is The Album Cover For Ariana Grande’s New Album?

Check out the Eternal Sunshine album cover below.

Will Ariana Grande Go On Tour For Her New Album?

Ariana Grande has not announced a tour for her new album.