Ariana Grande Updates Fans About Her Upcoming Live Album And 2020 Plans

Ariana Grande previously suggested that she wants to release a live album from her Sweetener tour, and now it looks like plans for the live album are actually pretty concrete. Yesterday, Grande kicked off December by updating her fans on the status of the album, saying that she’s working on producing and mixing the record, and that a deadline for the album is coming up soon.

Grande tweeted, “love u hello ! been prepping these vocals for the live album / listening to first pass mixes & am so excited. vocal producing everything myself, johnny’s been producing all the band parts ! deadline is soon so jus saying hello and love u and miss u. see u tonight, jacksonville !”

One fan asked if any of Grande’s recent performances of songs from her 2015 Christmas & Chill EP would make it on the album, and Grande said that she can’t include those performances because, in order to release the album when she would like to, it will only feature performances from the first North American leg of the tour and her European performances. Those shows took place between March 18 and October 16. So, a setlist from one of the tour’s concerts (like the first date of her overseas shows, on August 17 in London) could possibly offer a preview what to expect from the album.

When pressed for a release date, Grande was unable to provide one, writing, “i’m too excited i can’t tell u but i love u. it’ll be a very nice cherry on top of all of this i believe.” She also talked some about her plans for next year, suggesting that her 2020 won’t be as busy as her 2019 has been: “reiterating that i will not leave u the way i did last time lmao. i’m just going to be chilling a lot more next year that’s all. but i can’t do that sh*t again bc i’ll miss u too much entirely.”

Grande is currently in the midst of North American tour dates, with her next show taking place tomorrow (December 3) in Columbia, South Carolina.