Ariana Grande Suggests She Might Release A Live Album From Her ‘Sweetener’ Tour

Ariana Grande has checked a lot of boxes during her career in entertainment. She’s appeared on TV and in movies, she’s released No. 1 albums and singles, and she’s put on successful world tours. One thing she has yet to do, though, is release a live album. Well, the good news is that a live album appears to be on Grande’s radar, and she has suggested that putting one out is something she would like to do. In fact, she seems to be already be working on it.

This morning, Grande shared a photo of audio waveforms on her laptop screen, and revealed that she was listening to live recordings from her Sweetener tour. She wrote, “so …. i got a bunch of my live vocals from tour on my laptop thanks to johnny and toby. about to start comping thru and picking my favorite adlibs / performance moments on this flight … just in case u want a live album one day.”

The closest Grande has come to dropping a live album is when she released her live cover of The Wizard Of Oz classic “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” as performed at her “One Love Manchester” concert in 2017. Proceeds from the single were donated to the UK Redcross Manchester Emergency fund and to the families affected by the Manchester bombing.