Bad Bunny Teased A Preview Of A New Song On TikTok To ‘Close Out The Year’

While Bad Bunny has said he plans to take a break next year, he’s not slowing down just yet. Last night (December 20), the Puerto Rican superstar teased a preview of a new song on TikTok. Fans are speculating it could be a collaboration with Ñengo Flow.

After his record-breaking year of having the top-selling album with Un Verano Sin Ti and the top-grossing tour, Bad Bunny told Billboard earlier this month that he was going to take some time off. He also mentioned that he will still be putting in time in the recording studio occasionally.

“I’m taking a break,” Bad Bunny said. “2023 is for me, for my physical health, my emotional health to breathe, enjoy my achievements.”

Bad Bunny surprised his fans last night when he released a preview of a new song on TikTok. “To close out the year!” he yelled over the music. In the alluring reggaeton track, Bad Bunny sings about a woman who likes a bad boy like him. “I’m going to hell if I stay behind that culote / I’m on my way,” he sings. Foreign Teck confirmed on Instagram that he produced the song with Smash and Bass Charity.

Bad Bunny also posted a photo wearing the chain of Puerto Rican rapper Ñengo Flow. Fans are speculating that the new song could be a collaboration between them. There’s even more hope among fans that Anuel AA could be on the track with them. Bad Bunny hasn’t announced the release date for the song, but it should be dropping anytime soon.