The Miz Mocks Bad Bunny And Challenges Him To A Fight At WrestleMania 2021

Bad Bunny is a lifelong fan of WWE. That’s why he was over the moon when he was invited to perform at the WWE’s Royal Rumble earlier this year. But he didn’t just showcase his music, he also gave the audience a taste of his wrestling skills by taking out The Miz from the ring’s top rope. Apparently, The Miz still hasn’t forgiven Bad Bunny as the wrestler has now challenged the rapper to an official fight at WrestleMania 2021.

The Miz explained his challenge to Bad Bunny in a recent segment on WWE. The Miz pointed out that although Bad Bunny is a celebrated musician, he’s nowhere close to being as successful of a wrestler:

“Before we discuss WrestleMania, I have to get something off of my chest. I have had a grueling and strenuous couple of weeks full of great highs and terrible lows and the last thing I needed during this trying time was to be laughed at and ridiculed by Damian Priest and more importantly, Bad Bunny. Bad frickin’ Bunny? Now to his credit, Bad Bunny is one of the biggest stars in music and entertainment. He’s a Grammy Award winner, he’s had multi-Platinum hits. With Bad Bunny, you think about it, and you go, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Let you remind me who I am. I am a two-time Grand Slam champion. […] I am the only two-time Grand Slam champion in the history of this company. I’ve been the backbone of WWE for 15-plus years.”

While The Miz knocks Bad Bunny’s wrestling skills, the musician clearly has a few tricks up his sleeve. After pinning The Miz following his performance on Raw, Bad Bunny was able to officially secure the WWE 24/7 Championship belt.

Watch The Miz challenged Bad Bunny to a fight above.

Night one of WrestleMania kicks off 4/1 at 8 pm EST. Watch it here.