All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

This has been a major month for K-Pop, and this roundup is no exception, as a few of your favorite bands returned with new singles, and other members have been working on their solo endeavors. Plus, Uproxx recently published a cover story with aespa that is worth checking out as well. As some of the artists on this week’s list also have tours and shows coming up, this is a perfect opportunity to learn the words to their latest tracks if you decide to go.

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Labrinth, Billie Eilish – “Never Felt So Alone”

Fans of Euphoria had been waiting for Labrinth to drop “Never Felt So Alone” since they heard the song in the HBO series. As it turns out, it was immensely worth the wait, as he even brought along Billie Eilish to feature on the track. The result is a moody, electronic take that features one of Eilish’s strongest vocal performances yet — proving that she’s also stronger with different production.

Jonas Brothers – “Waffle House”

Ahead of their new album, The Album, Jonas Brothers dropped “Waffle House,” titled after the cozy (and sometimes chaotic) chain restaurant. Who can blame them? It’s a great place! The trio uses the location as a launching point to dive deeper into their familial dynamic, detailing how they’re stronger despite the fights and ups and downs.

Kali Uchis – “In The Lobby”

In honor of the fifth anniversary of her album, Isolation, Kali Uchis unearthed a previously-unheard track from the era’s sessions, “In The Lobby.” The song finds Uchis detailing how she caught a cheating lover and is wishing nothing but karma on them over a dreamy instrumental that contrasts the lyrics.

NewJeans – “Zero”

While “Zero” is NewJeans‘ single for their Coca Cola partnership as global ambassadors, it still works well as a standalone — with sweet references to both love and the drink. “‘Cause you know you’re sparkling like a shooting star / I can see us going far / How refreshing would that be? / We will pop up all around the world,” the girls sing.

Agust D – “People Pt. 2” (feat. IU)

BTS’ Suga is dropping a new album later this month as part of his Agust D solo project. His latest single preview, “People Pt. 2,” was written based off his emotions during the pandemic. The track is filled with very wise and meditative lyrics that speak to Suga as an artist.

MARK – “Golden Hour”

NCT’s MARK dropped his second single, titled “Golden Hour.” Showing off his rap abilities, he also sprinkles in some jokes about a past failed cooking attempt that’s well-known in the fandom. “Make it right / I’m calling Gordon Ramsay,” he adds.

KC Rae – “Blockbuster”

“This song is about a very specific memory with my cousin,” KC Rae shared of the nostalgic “Blockbuster,” as the Now, Now singer makes her solo debut. “I was terrified of breaking rules as a kid, so this experience of swiping her stepdad’s car, without a license, to go rent a movie has sunk itself into the core memory archives. It also captures the entire relationship with my cousin and crashing through childhood and adolescence together.

Olivia O’ Brien – “Born With A Broken Heart”

“Born With A Broken Heart” finds Olivia O’Brien seriously grappling, showcasing her vocal power over a gentle instrumental. “Maybe I was built to fall apart,” she concludes before circling back to the song’s title. Despite this, she starts to find some optimism in the second verse — as the track transforms into an anthem.

Poppy – “Church Outfit”

Poppy‘s never been one to turn away from being experimental, and “Church Outfit” is no exception. The dark, industrial pop song finds her musing about “the dress she wants to be buried in,” creating a wild ride in just under two minutes.

Loren Gray – “Never Be Perfect”

Loren Gray’s “Never Be Perfect” is her giving a “final warning,” as she takes the blame for a destructive, toxic relationship. It serves as the third single from Gray’s forthcoming debut album, Guilty, which drops later this month.