All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

With the unexpected release of new Billie Eilish songs, a controversial track by Fletcher, and a song from Panic! At the Disco, the pop world was busy this week.

Each week, Uproxx rounds up the best new pop releases. Listen up.

Billie Eilish — “The 30th”

The “Bad Guy” singer dove headfirst into vulnerability with this pained ballad “The 30th”: “Sometimes you look the same / Just like you did before the accident / When you’re staring into space / It’s hard to believe you don’t remember it,” she sings, her vocal delivery overflowing with emotion.

Panic! At the Disco — “Middle Of A Breakup”

In usual Panic! At the Disco fashion, “Middle Of A Breakup” is full of theatrics, swears, and drug references. Hedonism at the forefront of the track: “Blessed be your last cigarette / Makeup sex in the middle of a breakup,” Brendon Urie belts.

Fletcher — “Becky’s So Hot”

Drama aside, Fletcher’s “Becky’s So Hot” is a ferocious, fearless anthem about thinking your ex’s new partner is, well, hot. Both humorous and a bit vengeful, it succeeds at being catchy, the melody will remain in the listener’s head after the song is done.

Madison Beer — “I Have Never Felt More Alive”

Madison Beer’s “I Have Never Felt More Alive” is for the feature film “Fall,” which is not hard to imagine because the song is cinematic and intense. The build-up is packed with anticipation, and Beer’s vocals are sprawling, adding to the sense of catharsis.

The Chainsmokers — “Time Bomb”

“Time Bomb” is about trying to move on and grow up, despite the relentless atmosphere of party: “I guess I’ll stay on this vibration / I don’t need your reciprocation,” they sing, adding that they’re “getting tired of this simulation.” This song goes further into the vulnerable texture that The Chainsmokers have been exploring.

Max — “Wasabi”

Max has made it possible to write a love song called “Wasabi,” and it’s as spicy as one would expect. Against a restless, ebullient beat, he sings: “Baby you got that body / That extra little something, Wasabi.”

Clinton Kane — “Keep It To Yourself”

On “Keep It To Yourself,” Clinton Kane is having trouble healing after a relationship while watching his ex move on much faster than he’s able to. The vulnerable track has a powerful build-up, and his voice is hurt: “You should probably keep it on the low,” he sings in a kind of plea.

Jessie Ware — “Free Yourself”

Jessie Ware knows how to make a feel-good anthem, and this one’s perfect for the summer. The lively beat is infectious, and her unabashed vocals make it even bigger and brighter: “Free yourself / Keep on moving up that mountain top,” she sings.

Ali Gatie — “Can’t Give Up”

“Can’t Give Up” is brimming with pain as Ali Gatie sings about feeling haunted by someone from his past. There’s lots of rain and tears, but he refuses to give up: “I’ll sing to your shadow even when it gets dark / I’ll keep all your secrets tucked inside of my heart ,” he sings.

Montell Fish — “Darling”

Speaking of pained ballads about loss love Montell Fish’s “Darling” is another. In Bon Iver-like fashion, his vocals are high-pitched and almost whispers as he lulls some of the most heartbreaking lyrics you’ve ever heard: “Are you still in love my darling? / Did you fall out of love my darling?”

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