All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

After spending Monday evening going through listening to this week’s songs again, it does feel like another truly great bunch of releases. Many major pop artists and some other new rising stars released their full projects, whether it’s an album or an EP. There was so much to choose from, and while it was hard to pick a favorite from a few of these, we hope you’ll feel happy with the decisions.

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Olivia Rodrigo — “Get Him Back”

Finally returning with her new album, Guts, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Get Him Back” is a personal standout among the bunch. Pulling inspo from Beck’s “Loser,” the angsty, rock-inspired song finds Rodrigo being creative in her approach. Does she want revenge or want the boy? Why not both?

Laufey — “Letter To My 13 Year Old Self”

Laufey‘s “Letter To My 13 Year Old Self” gives new listeners an idea of what to expect from her latest album, Bewitched, which dropped this week. Her blend of experimental jazz has built her fandom as people love her truly unique sound. This sweet ballad serves as a reflection, extending kindness to a past version of yourself — as being a teen is hard.

V — “Slow Dancing”

V from BTS has officially dropped his first full solo record with Layover. After some early singles from the project, “Slow Dancing” is among the new songs. The music video finds the musician enjoying the breeze on the open road, which matches the chill pop vibes he brings to the track.

Kelly Clarkson — “Roses”

Clarkson’s new song “Roses” is part of the deluxe version of her Chemistry album. Of her recent music, heartbreak plays a significant role, and this one is no different, but still powerful. The pop star finds herself rejecting the material objects, as she recognizes they’re just to save a shattered relationship.

Alex Warren — “How Could You (Be Ok)”

“How Could You (Be Ok)” finds Warren reflecting on the experience of an ex cheating on him. He feels that the other person was “heartless” in the way they treated him, making for a deep dive into all the aspects of his thoughts.

Marshmello, Dove Cameron — “Other Boys”

Dove Cameron described her “Other Boys” song with Marshmello as a “dream collaboration,” and we can see why. Cameron finds herself hoping for some more attention while emotionally having a tough time. “Silhouettes, a city of shadows / They all take your shape / In my defense, you’ve got me unraveled / And I can’t see straight,” she sings.

Emilia — “GTA.mp3”

Emilia’s “GTA.mp3” is immediately a fun ride from the title alone. The Argentinian star finds herself going full speed ahead on the dance track — and pulls new listeners in with an eagerness to check out the rest of her discography.

Leigh-Anne, Ayra Starr — “My Love”

Another collaboration from this week, Leigh-Anne and Ayra Starr’s “My Love” finds the two showing off their vocal talent as they touch on themes of loving yourself.

“When we wrote this song, I just knew it was something special, it perfectly captures the essence of who I want to be as a solo artist,” Leigh-Anne said. “That feel-good, powerful, and anthemic song – it’s all about celebrating self-love and embracing its incredible power.”

Whethan, Nessa Barrett — “Sick Of Myself”

Whethan brought along Nessa Barrett for “Sick Of Myself,” a track that details the struggles of feeling like you don’t fit in. Instead, she would rather “trade places” and be someone else, a painfully relatable moment.

D4vd — “Once More”

D4vd’s “Once More” is an emotional piece of the puzzle that is his new EP, The Lost Petals. The calming and hypnotizing instrumental works well, even with lyrics about his heart breaking again.

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