All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

October is proving to be a powerful month for the best new pop music. In the next few weeks, The 1975, Carly Rae Jepsen, Taylor Swift, Tove Lo, and more will all have brand new albums out. And with those releases come incredible singles, as well as some brand new songs… including one that appears in the soundtrack for a certain crocodile kids movie.

Check out below what we were loving this past week below.

Carly Rae Jepsen – “The Loneliest Time”

Jepsen’s collaboration with Wainwright seamlessly blends their vocals to create a sleek disco-influenced song. By the time the bridge hits, if you’re not on the dance floor, you’re doing it completely wrong. As someone whose familiarity with Wainwright only extends to his piano ballads, this duo teaming up has proven to be a surprising-yet-rewarding choice.

Maisie Peters – “Not Another Rockstar”

Peters has proven she isn’t playing around with this one. Teased by early snippets of the song, “Not Another Rockstar” somehow exceeds the fans’ already impressed expectations. By blending her sense of immersive storytelling in a pop-rock anthem about the downsides of dating yet another rockstar, Peters continues to build anticipation for her sophomore album — this being the latest in a string in equally, if not increasingly, impressive singles.

Shawn Mendes – “Carried Away”

Mendes made this song for the soundtrack of Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile — a children’s film where he voices the title character. Still, the piano ballad shows that he isn’t toning down his talent for a promotional single, and eventually transforms in a soaring pop song with the beat drop in the second verse. “We just let ourselves get carried away,” he sings, backed by layered vocals and an orchestral instrumental.

Jamie – “3D Woman”

3D Woman” is an instant confidence booster about self-love. “Good things come in threes,” Jamie uses in the chorus as just one of many lines to draw listeners in. Although you might be wishing it was just a little bit longer, it’s only because Jamie’s enthusiastic energy pulls you in so fast.

Joshua Bassett – “Would You Love Me Now”

Bassett‘s somber vocals are a standout on “Would You Love Me Now,” which tells the story of wondering what it’d be like to see a lost love again. “Take me back to when we were young again, darling / Would you love me now, after everything? Would you let me in?” he ponders. By tapping into his power of retrospection (ex: on songs like “Doppleganger”), Bassett manages to make his best bops.

Gracie Abrams – “Difficult”

On a similar note, Gracie Abrams returned this week with a sad banger in “Difficult.” A collaboration with Aaron Dessner, Abrams contemplates everything from growing up and moving out to trying therapy. “I know spiraling is miserable, I should probably go back home,” she notes of her emotional struggle in the chorus. “Was it something I said that colored you blue?” Abrams is at her best when writing strong lyrics through a stream of consciousness.

Gryffin feat. Tinashe – “Scandalous”

Gryffin enlisted Tinashe for the lead vocals on “Scandalous,” a brilliant choice for a bona-fide banger. The electronic instrumental’s energy never once falters. Given Gryffin’s credits for collaborations with artists such as Tove Lo (“Talking Body”) and Years & Years, this has the potential for a massive radio crossover.. or at least the clubs. The only downside is it makes you wish it was summer again.

Stray Kids – “Case 143”

A song from Stray Kids‘ new album, Maxident, “Case 143” — which translates numerically to “I love you” — is strictly for all the simps out there. Whether you’re in a relationship or fall a little in love with everyone you meet, it’s an upbeat romantic track that encapsulates all of those emotions.

Charlie Puth – “No More Drama”

Charlie Puth closes his new album with a carefree take on “No More Drama,” a track that seems to tie the record up nicely. It’s about realizing an ex is better out of your life than in it. We call that growth!

Nessa Barrett – “Tired Of California”

Nessa Barrett’s new song “Tired Of California” is an ode to everything to loath about Los Angeles — from superficial conversations to “legal toxins.” Driven by a hypnotizing drum beat, the melody manages to find a way into my brain, even days after listening. “I’m so tired of California, I’m so tired of LA,” Barrett makes you sing along, even if you’ve never had an experience in the Golden State.

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