Stray Kids Realizes How Whipped They Are When Decoding ‘Case 143’

It’s been a month since Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment dropped a cryptic teaser on their socials, announcing a comeback was on the way. Now, that cryptic teaser has slowly unraveled over the last couple of weeks — through countless of handsome-looking group and individual portraits, energizing music video teasers, all in different concepts — to unveil “Case 143.”

At midnight EST (1 p.m. in KST/9 p.m. PST), Stray Kids finally unleashed the full music video to “Case 143,” the lead single off of their sixth EP, MAXIDENT! In a colorful chaotic three minutes and 40 seconds, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. expresses what it’s really like to be crazily whipped and in love with someone. In between scenes of tutting choreography and questioning themselves on why they keep getting attracted to someone, the music video embodies what the heart (there’s literally an animated heart character running around) and mind goes through when you’ve fallen deep.

MAXIDENT! currently holds the record of one of the highest pre-sold K-pop albums in history with more than 2.24 million units sold (as the end of September). The sixth EP from the world-dominating boy group consists of eight tracks including three songs by the group’s sub-units — 3RACHA (the producing unit with Chan, Han, and Changbin), DANCERACHA (the dance line Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix), and VOCALRACHA (the main vocalists consisting of Seungmin and I.N.) — “3Racha”, “Taste”, and “Can’t Stop,” all of which they performed at their two-night encore concerts in Seoul last month as part of the MANIAC! World Tour.

The group will continue their tour next month and next year with stops in Asia, Australia, and the US.

Check out the full tracklist of MAXIDENT! below.

1. “CASE 143”
2. “식혀 (CHILL)”
3. “Give Me Your TMI”
5. “3RACHA”
6. “TASTE”
7. “나 너 좋아하나봐 (Can’t Stop)”
8. “CIRCUS (Korean Version)”