Beyonce Thanks Meghan Markle For Her ‘Courage And Leadership’ In A Message Of Support

One of the few ways Beyonce directly communicates with her fans is through her website,, where the queen of pop frequently posts updates and messages of support to friends and fellow celebrities. Today, she used that space to stand in solidarity with Meghan Markle, the American actress of the show Suits, mother of Archie, wife of Harry Mountbatten-Windsor, and once known as the Duchess Of Sussex. Markle was the first person of color to marry into the British monarchy when she wed Prince Harry in 2018, and as an exclusive interview with Oprah revealed this past weekend, the prejudicial treatment she faced because of this was nearly unbearable.

Luckily, Meghan and Harry’s bond was strong enough that the pair decided to step back from their roles within the royal family, and come to live in America, instead. But as Markle shared in Sunday’s bombshell interview, the environment was so toxic before reaching this decision that she was driven to the point of suicidal ideation. Given all that context, it is probably quite a balm to have a legendary figure like Beyonce stand with her. “Thank you Meghan for your courage and leadership,” Beyonce wrote alongside a photo of herself and Meghan at The Lion King premiere. “We are all strengthened and inspired by you.”

As always, Beyonce says it best. Then again, John Oliver’s predictions weren’t too far off either.