Beyonce Wishes Britney Spears A Happy Birthday, Which Might Signal Support For #FreeBritney

Because Beyonce is so much smarter than the rest of us, she has long abandoned social media platforms like Twitter, and primarily uses her own personal website to communicate her thoughts and feelings to the world. (Yes, I know she uses Instagram, but mostly just to flex.) In the spirit of Tumblr days, Bey often changes the cover of her site to celebrate special events or promote new material. Today, she used it to wish Britney Spears a happy birthday:


Spears is turning 39 today, and has recently been making headlines, not for her Vegas residency or new music (although she did put out a new song today to commemorate the occasion), but because she’s been trying to get released from a conservatorship that’s been legally imposed on her for quite a while now. But her father, Britney’s current conservator, thinks the #FreeBritney movement formed to advocate for the singer to control her own affairs is a joke, and courts recently ruled he would remain in charge of her estate until at least next year.

But some might take this show of support from Beyonce as a sign she’s on Britney’s side when it comes to ending the conservatorship and being released from her father’s control. After all, Beyonce’s career didn’t kick into overdrive until she dismissed her father from working on her career, so who knows the situation better? Either way, it was a classy, gracious move by Beyonce, as usual.