Billie Eilish ‘Didn’t Feel Sexy For One Second’ When She Had Blonde Hair

Billie Eilish’s sixth annual “Same Interview” with Vanity Fair dropped earlier this week. A black-haired Billie confirmed she’s in a relationship with Jesse Rutherford and reflected on her past selves answering the same questions, including last year’s Blonde Billie. Today (December 1), Eilish was revealed as the newest Highsnobiety cover star and dished on why she’d rather leave her blonde Happier Than Ever era behind.

“People saw me as this 15-year-old, a kid, who wore this kind of stuff, looked this kind of way, acted this kind of way, said this kind of way. I felt like I couldn’t change. That’s why I went so far to the other side,” the seven-time Grammy winner told Highsnobiety editor in chief Willa Bennett. “I was trying to prove, ‘Hey, f*ck you guys, I can do whatever I want.’ Now I can look really masculine if I want, and really feminine if I want, and it’s not gonna be a f*cking headline.”

Eilish, 20, added, “I feel sexier when I dress masculine. I didn’t feel sexy for one second of being blonde. When I was blonde, people treated me differently. People completely changed their demeanor [around me].”

Earlier in the cover story, Eilish said she “can’t believe people are so emotional about me” and described crying with her fans during her final Happier Than Ever World Tour show in Australia. The Oscar winner also discussed her new fragrance, Eilish No. 2, and her ambitions to continue developing as a bussinesswoman.

“I think that people have taken me more seriously because I’ve had this more masculine [way of dressing] throughout my career,” Eilish said. “If I had been more feminine and girly, people would’ve been a lot less respectful of me.”

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