Billie Eilish Told Her Younger Self To ‘Shut The F*ck Up’ In Her Sixth Annual ‘Same Interview’ With ‘Vanity Fair’

In 2017, Billie Eilish sat down for a filmed interview with Vanity Fair. At the time, she likely didn’t know how big a part of her life this would become. As fans know, once a year since then, Eilish has reunited with the magazine and answered the same set of questions, a process that highlights the changes in how she has felt about herself and the world. The 2022 installment is the sixth one in the series and it was released today (November 28).

Among the immediate quantifiable highlights is the progression of Eilish’s social media presence. In 2017, she had 257,000 followers, a number that is now up to 106 million. Beyond that, it’s always fascinating and fun to watch Eilish reflect on her wild journey through the lens of her past self… especially the moments she now cringes at or isn’t so sure about anymore, or the ones where something she previously said fills her with joy today.

Also in the video, Eilish speaks about what this series has come to mean to her, saying, “It’s just so cool to get to do this every year. I don’t know, I feel like… sometimes people are like, ‘You’re still gonna… you’re doing it… you’re gonna go back and keep doing it?’ And I just, I love… I just like it. It’s just like a really cool… ah, they mean so much to me. Every year, I watch these and I’m just like… ah, it just feels really… it makes me really happy.”

Watch the video above.