Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, And Saweetie Explain ‘Why I’m Voting’ In A New Podcast

The presidential election is less than 100 days away and if several states’ recent complications with polling sites during their primaries are any indication, exercising your right to vote is as important as ever. According to NPR, voter registration is currently down because of the COVID-19 pandemic and that’s one reason why many musicians are joining together to push young people to vote come November.

Big-name artists like Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled, Saweetie, Diplo, Swae Lee, and more were tapped by iHeartMedia for their new podcast, Why I’m Voting. Kicking off this week and running until November, Why I’m Voting invites musicians to recall their first time at the polls and offer any advice they have for making it as easy as possible. The podcast will also stand as a reminder that citizens aren’t just voting on the next president but they’re also casting ballots for congresspeople, senators, judges, and many other local officials.

Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother and producer, was the podcast’s inaugural guest. In conversation with the show’s host, Holly Frey, Finneas said he keeps a written list of who he plans on voting for because arriving at the polling station can feel overwhelming: “It’s marginally confusing and it’s not something we’ve done a whole lot of and you’re in a voting booth alone and you don’t want to make a mistake. It felt reminiscent of a driver’s ed test.”

Check out the Why I’m Voting podcast here.

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