Joji And Diplo Are Disaster Studio Assistants In Their Satirical ‘Daylight’ Video

Joji’s 2018 debut studio album Ballads 1 impressively rose to No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and cemented an ever-growing fan base for the singer. It’s now been nearly two years since Joji’s debut but the singer is already ushering in a new era of music. Last April, the hypnotic single “Gimme Love” heralded his sophomore album, Nectar. Now, Joji follows up the song with a Diplo collaboration.

Joji and Diplo teamed up for the atmospheric new track “Daylight.” The accompanying video is a stark contrast to the chilled-out instrumentals and reflects both Joji and Diplo’s humorous side. In the visual, both musicians are working as studio assistants on the set of an elderly boyband’s video shoot. While they try their best, Joji and Diplo fail at being helpful and eventually get on the director’s bad side.

Alongside the song’s debut, Joji explains he wanted the track to shine a light in dark times. “It might be nice for people to hear a song about daylight, especially when we don’t get as much of it as we used to,” he said. Diplo also commented on the track, praising Joji for his talent: “Joji is one of my favorite artists. I’m lucky he answered my text!”

Listen to “Daylight” above.

Nectar is out 9/25 via 88 Rising. Pre-order it here.