Billie Eilish’s Shoes Spark A Debate Reminiscent Of The Dress Meme As People Argue About Their Color

Billie Eilish’s shoes gave fans a flashback to the 2015 viral photo of a dress which the internet couldn’t decide if it was blue and black or pink and white. During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, the singer gave her own version of the optical illusion — this time involving sneakers.

Fielding a variety of questions from fans about her music and personal life, Eilish was asked about the original 2015 meme and urged to give her opinion on the colors she saw. Taking things one step further, the singer revealed she was in a similar situation recently after she showed off a pair of her sneakers to her father. Eilish’s father apparently incorrectly saw her Uptempo Nike sneakers as pink and white, when they are supposed to be mint green and white.

Many of Eilish’s followers said they also saw pink and white, and Eilish wasn’t having it. “So listen. You guys are all my f*cking dad,” she said.

Still, several of Eilish’s followers weren’t convinced and a debate ensued over the proper color of the shoes.

After seeing the arguments, Eilish attempted to settle the debate once and for all and leaned on Google to provide a final answer.

Check out photos of Eilish’s sneakers above.