Billie Eilish Twerks And Shoots ‘Therefore I Am’ In New Behind-The-Scenes Videos

A few days ago, Billie Eilish dropped her latest video, for “Therefore I Am.” It was relatively bare-bones in its production, as it was filmed on a phone and features only a handful of cuts. The mall-set video has performed well so far, though, as it has over 29 million views on YouTube as of press time. Now Eilish has shared some behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the making of the visual, and it looks like she had a blast.

On Instagram, Eilish posted a gallery of photos and images of her posing with store mannequins (and her poopy puppy) and offered a glimpse at what filming looked like, which was pretty much just a cameraman holding a phone and following Eilish as she took over the Glendale Galleria mall. She and a friend also took on the “Try Not To Sing Or Dance Challenge” that is popular on TikTok, a challenge at which they failed. Eilish manages to stand still sometimes, but then there are moments when she couldn’t help but twerk.

Sharing the post, Eilish wrote, “SWIPE FOR TIA BEHIND THE SCENES LOLLLLLL. empty mall at 4 am. u see us doing the try not to dance challenge and faaaaaaailing. this shoot was so chaotic LMFAO we had so much fun.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes look at “Therefore I Am” above.

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