Billie Eilish Responded To People Who Think All She Does Is Whisper

Billie Eilish has had a huge year. The Grammys know it, the charts know it, and yes, Vanity Fair knows it. The magazine has conducted interviews with Billie for the last three years, charting her growth and success as a pop star.

In this year’s edition of their now-annual celebration, the magazine got Billie to speak on her critics, who claim she whisper sings in all her songs. And boy, does she have thoughts.

“People think that I whisper in all of my songs,” she said. “I do in a couple of songs. But, I feel like people just say that when they’ve heard one f*cking song. Like, listen to ‘Wish You Were Gay’. A b*tch belting. And like, my belt is not even close to a f*cking Adele belt. Adele is like a literal God. But, it’s just different. You don’t have to be shouting to be good at singing.”

To be fair, she does have a style of sing-talking as exemplified on her biggest hits like “Bad Guy” that speaks to her influences from hip-hop, and her whisper-sing technique is not necessarily a bad thing. It just doesn’t tell the whole story of Billie and her talents. Duh. Watch the whole interview below.