Britney Spears Offers ‘A Tease Of What’s To Come’ With A ‘Get Naked’ Dance

Now that Britney Spears is no longer under a conservatorship, fans are wondering what the pop icon will do next. She has suggested recently that she has some plans, and now she is again teasing something she’s working on.

In a video Spears posted on Instagram yesterday, she’s wearing a revealing outfit in a dance studio as she dances to “Get Naked,” from her 2007 album Blackout. Spears wrote in the post’s caption, “This is 13 seconds of me in heels [high heels emoji] before I dyed my hair purple [purple heart emoji] …. This is a tease [smiling devil emoji] of what’s to come !!!! My song “Get Naked” [headphones emoji] !!! Hope you guys are having a great day !!!!! Pss No hair and make up [lipstick emoji] !!! Just PLAYING around folks !!!!”

As for what exactly this video teases, that isn’t entirely clear at the moment. In recent days, though, Spears has been eager to share that she has things in the works, as she wrote in a post from earlier this month that she has “so many exciting projects ahead.” Spears has an informal offer from Madonna to join her on a world tour, as Madonna said recently, “Stadium, baby. Me and Britney, what about that? Not sure if she’d be into it, but it would be really cool. We could, like, reenact the original kiss.”