Madonna Wants To Reenact Her Famous Britney Spears Kiss On A Joint World Tour

Britney Spears and Madonna were behind perhaps the biggest pop culture event of 2003 when they kissed on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards. Now, nearly two decades later, Madonna is interested in re-creating that moment.

During a recent Instagram Live Q&A session, Madonna was asked if she would ever do a world tour again and she responded, “Hell yeah, I have to. Stadium, baby. Me and Britney, what about that? Not sure if she’d be into it, but it would be really cool. We could, like, reenact the original kiss.”

As for Spears, her future with performing live is unclear. In late 2020, her then-lawyer Samuel Ingham reportedly insisted Spears would not perform live again until her father was no longer her conservator. Then, last June, a fan asked Spears in an Instagram Live broadcast if she’ll ever take the stage again and Spears responded, “I have no idea.” Even after Spears’ father was suspended from his role as conservator in September 2021, Spears was reportedly still in no rush to perform again.

Spears’ conservatorship has come to end since then and there has been no indication from Spears that she has plans to get back to performing live, so it remains to be seen if Madonna’s idea of a joint tour is enticing to Spears.